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FedCloud provides open, free and dedicated Federation service of Stellar.


FedCloud not only allows you to claim a customed name with your stellar account id, but also to do federation and reverse federation lookup inside or outside the domain, through web interface or api request.


FedCloud requires no registration and login, and you can use it directly on any device anywhere and anytime.


FedCloud is built on top of https. Both the claim and the withdraw operation require email confirmation. The most important thing is that FedCloud ask for no sensitive data of yours.

Claim Stellar Address

Here you can claim a name*fedcloud.info Stellar address and associate it with your Stellar account ID. From security concern, you are asked to enter an email address to activate the binding.


Withdraw the binding

Here you can withdraw your binding. An email will be sent to your email address for activate this unbinding operation.



FedCloud offers open api which follows the Stellar federation protocol. FedCloud supports both federation lookup and reverse federaiton lookup through the api. Steps to lookup:

1. Endpoint

The endpoint of the federation service is claimed in the FEDERATION_SERVER section on https://www.fedcloud.info/.well-known/stellar.toml. Specifically, the endpoint of FedCloud is https://www.fedcloud.info/federation.

2. Request

You can use the federation endpoint to look up an account id using a stellar address or look up a stellar addresses from an account id. Federation requests are http GET requests with the following form: ?q=(string to look up)&type=(name or id), for example, https://www.fedcloud.info/federation?q=nate*fedcloud.info&type=name.